All the books, pamphlets, reports and monographs published by Innovation Center Iceland in the field of research, development and business administration – often in conjunction with other key parties in the Icelandic innovation and research environment – can be found at the online shopping and publication page of Innovation Center Iceland. Innovation Center Iceland offers a large selection, which reflects the varied services provided by the Center. Building Research Institute pamphlets are published regularly; these include technical information that has been utilized as a reference for maintenance and construction of structures. In addition, the Innovation Center Iceland online shop includes free-of-charge educational videos, digital mini-courses, publications and reports on topics such as Iceland’s competitiveness in an international context, along with administration and management of Icelandic businesses and the tourism sector.  Recordings from the operations of Innovation Center Iceland, from Incubator Centers and from various conferences and promotional meetings can also be found here, to name but a few.

Some of the products on offer are available free of charge, but others are sold for a moderate fee. Payment goes through Valitor; the online shop is linked to a particular page which offers secure handling of payment information. Innovation Center Iceland staff handle day-to-day management and operation of the online shop.

Note that all books, pamphlets and publications are published in Icelandic. For more information please contact Helga Halldorsdottir, Information specialist: