Ísland er aðili að norrænu samstarfsverkefni um hringrásarhagkerfið CIRCit (Circular Economy Integration in the Nordic Industry for Enhanced Sustainability and Competitiveness eða innleiðing hringrásarhagkerfisins í norrænum iðnaði til að efla sjálfbærni og samkeppnishæfni).




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The CIRCit project is a Nordic research project aiming at industrial transition, and includes experienced research partners from all five Nordic countries. The project started in spring 2017 and will continue until summer 2020.

Circular Economy is a movement, which is currently gaining great traction in Europe and North America. It is a way to ensure ever-increased resource efficiency, economic benefits and sustainability improvements. The main idea with Circular Economy is to use existing resources over and over again, rather than discard them.

CIRCit focuses on the development of tools and approaches to support the Nordic Industry in five main areas:

  • Business Model Innovation - including new offerings and value propositions
  • Circular Product Innovation - for enhanced value creation
  • Intelligent product operations - through Internet of Things and Big Data
  • Closed loop strategies - based on product design and conditions
  • Sustainability evaluation and enhancement

Through increased articulation of the Nordic Industry towards Circular Economy, competitiveness will be enhanced in the short, medium and long-term.


Kjartan Due Nielsen
Kjartan Due Nielsen
Verkefnastjóri - Evrópumiðstöð (EEN)