About Innovation Center Iceland

Innovation Center Iceland encourages innovation and promotes the advancement of new ideas in Icelandic economy by providing active participation and support to entrepreneurs and businesses. Innovation is a prerequisite for diversity in the Icelandic economy and the basis of a strong competitive position of the economy.

Role of ICI

Innovation Center Iceland belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Innovation and operates according to the Act on Government Support for Technology, Research, Innovation and Industry (no. 75/2007).

The interplay of technological consulting and business support is the greatest strength of Innovation Center Iceland. A group of specialists in different fields encourage innovation and support the advance of new ideas through research, development projects, business development and professional advice and consulting.

The Director General of Innovation Center Iceland is Sigríður Ingvarsdóttir. 

Opening hours

The reception is open weekdays from 8:30 – 16:00.

For further information please contact Fjalar Sigurðarson the Director of Marketing and Public Relations; tel. +354 5229104, email fjalar@nmi.is



Innovation Center Iceland is a leading R&D and business support institute in Iceland. Our mission is to increase innovation, productivity and competitiveness of Icelandic business by doing innovative technology research, diffusing knowledge and giving support to entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Diverse operations for Icelandic industry

The core activities of Innovation Center Iceland are divided into two domains:

Technology Research and Consulting 
Diverse fields in research, such as nanotechnology, renewable energy and concrete rheology. Projects include applied research and testing, basic research in key areas, consultation and technology transfer.

Innovation and Entrepreneur Services

Innovation Center Iceland assists entrepreneurs in the start-up, growth and management of SMEs. ICI operates an Incubator Center which offers support and facilities to start-up companies working on innovative business ideas. ICI offers extensive internet information services, workshops and courses for SMEs and the general public and publishes books and manuals on management, marketing, and more. ICI also runs a Enterprise Europe Network office (EEN) to encourage cooperation between Icelandic and European companies.