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In Iceland, the chemical properties of the soft water and the geothermal water supplies place special demands on the pipeline materials used in our plumbing systems. As a consequence, selecting the wrong pipeline materials can lead to pipe leakage after long-term use. To complicate the situation, the temperature and chemistry of the water used for district heating and the tap water system is highly dependent on the location used to source the water and the water supplier company's processes. has been developed to assist home owners, plumbers, and construction industry specialists to select the most appropriate pipeline materials for their individual needs. This website contains recommendations on suitable materials for different geographic locations, application-specific demands, and the corresponding water temperatures.

Icelanders can use to access information on pipeline materials and the local water properties of almost all of the Icelandic hot water and fresh water suppliers. This online database includes 250 district heating systems and 140 tap water systems. The provided pipeline material recommendations are based on both material science theory and a long-term experience with material performance in different environments.

Duration: 2000 - 2016

Role in the project

  • Project coordination.
  • Material science for pipeline materials.
  • Web design.

Project partners

  • Ásbjörn Einarsson Engineering (IS)
  • The National Energy Authority: Orkustofnun (IS)
  • The University of Akureyri (IS)


This project received funding from the Icelandic Energy Fund (Orkusjóði), Reykjavík Energy, and Samorka.

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