Osteoinductive and printable biomaterials.
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Gissur Örlygsson

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The objective of the project is to develop a method for combining osteoinductive and printable biomaterials to form a composite feedstock suitable for use with additive manufacturing methods based on material extrusion, e.g., fused deposition modeling, FDM.

Chitosan has been proven to possess osteoinductive properties, which make it a candidate for materials for bone regeneration, however, it is mechanically weak. A polymer with more suitable mechanical properties will be combined with chitosan to produce a composite filament for 3D printing of implants for bone repair possessing osteoinductive/osteoconductive properties together with good mechanical stability. 3D printing of test parts and implants will be performed as a proof of concept.


Timalengd verkefnis: 2020- 2022

Role in the project

  • Materials development, design and printing of specimens and implant prototypes.
  • Structural and mechanical characterization, analysis of physical and chemical properties.

Project partners

  • Genis ehf. (IS)


This project has received funding from Iceland's Technology Development Fund (Tækniþróunarsjóður).

Technology Development Fund