Industrial-sized photobioreactor for microalgae with internal illumination.
Project contacts
Gissur Örlygsson

Íslensku Íslenska

Conventional tubular glass photobioreactors with external artificial illumination are inefficient in terms of biomass per energy use and expensive in terms of capital and operational costs. Instead, this project implements a photobioreactor consisting of closed tanks with submerged LED illumination. By applying the envisioned technology, a step will be taken from tens of km of tubes to a mere 12 reactors for same amount of harvest. As a result, the electricity needed for lighting will be reduced and yields and quality enhanced.

Duration: 2015 - 2018

Role in the project

  • Project management.
  • Took part in the lighting design and testing, system design and system control, and building of a functioning prototype.

Project partners

  • KeyNatura ehf. (IS)


This project has received funding from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.

Technology development fund