Meta-grating polarimetry

Fiber-based polarization analysis with designer metasurfaces.
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Íslensku Íslenska

The aim of the proposed project is to introduce a disruptive technique of polarization analysis, using polarization-sensitive metamaterial diffraction gratings, or meta-gratings, where the individual grating lines consist of subwavelength scatterers arranged in such as fashion as to make the diffractive structure sensitive to the full polarization state of the incident light. We will seek to develop a thorough understanding of the scattering properties of polarization-sorting metallic and dielectric meta-gratings and generate device designs for full Stokes vector characterization of incident light in a transmission (in-line) geometry. Prototype polarimeter devices for fiber-based applications will be constructed and tested.

Duration: 2015 - 2018

Role in the project

  • Project coordination
  • Technical implementation
  • Experimental facilities

Project partners

  • Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (US)


This project is supported by the Icelandic Research Fund and the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

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