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When you think of water damage, you often imagine horrible natural disasters that only happen to people living in hurricane-prone areas. However, the reality is that even minor water damage like that caused by a leak inside your walls presents a serious health hazard since a humid environment encourages the growth of mold. This means that, as the mold spreads through your walls, you and your loved ones will soon begin to breathe in the toxic materials produced by this hidden enemy within your home, often resulting in allergies and other respiratory conditions. Therefore, it is very important to repair and dry out your home as soon you discover a water-related problem.

This project introduces microwave technology to reduce the drying times in buildings after flooding events. A single Microdry unit runs off mains electricity and is capable of drying a room in just 10% of the time taken by current technologies. Microdry contains an intelligent control system to measure the remaining moisture in your environment and adjust its power output to maximize the drying speed and efficiency. determine residual moisture content and adjust the power output accordingly to maximise efficiency of your home. The Microdry system requires no human intervention and by remotely communicating to you it can inform you when the drying process is finished while protecting you from the hazards of microwave radiation.

Duration: 2010 - 2012

Role in the project

  • Develop a microwave-based moisture measurement system.
  • Test Microdry on damp walls.
  • Evaluate the impact of the drying process on building materials.

Project partners

  • Erzia Technologies SL (ES)
  • Orban Microwave Products NV (BE)
  • Spectrum Franchising Ltd. (UK)
  • Uvasol Ltd. (UK)
  • The UK Materials Technology Research Institute Ltd. (UK)
  • Fraunhofer-Society e.V. (DE)
  • Intelscan Orbylgjutaekni ehf. (IS)


A summary of the final project report can be found at:



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